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What is Whey Protein Isolate?

Whey protein isolate is a form of whey protein that undergoes further processing than whey protein concentrate. These are the two main types of whey protein available to buy as a supplement, with hydrolysate being a form of either concentrate or isolate that undergoes further processing.

Whey protein concentrate typically contains more calories than isolate as the manufacturing process leaves behind the naturally occurring macro and micro nutrients.

Whey protein isolate, on the other hand, goes through a more refined purification process to leave a higher protein content than concentrate.

Hydrolysate is a type of concentrate or isolate that is pre-digested by a process of breaking some of the amino bonds in the protein through a process using heat, acids or enzymes.

What is whey protein isolate powder made of

Whey protein isolate is made out of the same ingredients any whey protein is made of; milk.

Typically, whey protein is made using cows’ milk, like Nutristrength Whey Protein Isolate in Classic Vanilla, but there’s also Goat and Sheep Whey Protein, a protein made from goat and sheep milk, and even plant-based protein such as our Pea Protein.

Whey protein is produced when milk is processed through a filter to leave behind the whey, which is then dried to form whey protein concentrate. This means that all whey protein begins life as whey protein concentrate before going through further processing. 

Is whey protein isolate better than standard whey protein?

That completely depends on your needs from a protein supplement. Isolate is popular for its high protein yield in comparison to concentrate, where concentrate typically has a protein content of around 80% and isolate can contain anything from 85-90% protein.

The raw product in Nutristrength Whey Protein Isolate contains 90% protein yield and an excellent amino acid profile so you can make sure you are getting great food and nutrition to develop and maintain a healthy body.

Whey protein isolate benefits

In addition to the benefits of a higher protein yield over whey concentrate, isolate has several benefits.

As the manufacturing process strips out some of the carbohydrates, fat content and lactose, whey protein isolate can sometimes be a preferred option for those who are lactose intolerant or want a whey with fewer calories.

One of the key benefits of whey protein supplements, and one of the most common reasons people use this form of supplement, is because protein contributes to growth and maintenance in muscle mass.

Whey protein isolate recipes

While it is common to see whey protein taken in shake form, mixed in a protein shaker bottle with either milk or water, there are lots of ways of getting protein isolate powder in your diet.

As Nutristrength whey protein isolate comes in powder form it can be mixed into protein recipes easily and the different flavours we offer suit lots of savoury and sweet recipes ideas.

Whether you simply want to mix the protein isolate powder into your morning porridge or smoothie, or you want to make something from scratch, such as our Protein Cherry Rhubarb Rolls, the versatile formula means it’s easy to use as and when you need to.  

protein cherry and rhubarb rolls           

We have all of our recipes on Pinterest for you to Repin your favourites or you can catch the latest creation on our Instagram Stories each week for inspiration.

You can even download our Protein Cookbook for free, which is jampacked with some of our best recipes for breakfast, dinner and dessert.

Where to buy whey protein isolate powder

You can easily buy whey protein isolate online.

The Nutristrength range, available in a host of sizes from taster sachets that you can take with you on the go to our 500g and 1kg pots, is fully available with free UK delivery when purchased online.

You can also taste the range of flavours:

Whey Protein Isolate Unflavoured

Whey Protein Isolate Classic Vanilla

Whey Protein Isolate Mixed Strawberry

Whey Protein Isolate Roasted Cocoa

Whey Protein Isolate Ecuadorian Banana

Whey Protein Isolate Morello Cherry

You can even try all the flavours without purchasing full tubs with the Nutristrength Whey Protein Taster box. Each taster box comes with 12 sachets (two of each flavour of whey protein) so you can try them all out.

Nutristrength is now also available in select retailers up and down the country including select Boots stores, Harvey Nichols, Planet Organic and Wholefoods Market.