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Our Story

Our History

Founded by two brothers (Adam and Chris) searching for new, better, more authentic products, Nutristrength is a British producer of lifestyle nutrition. We know that great bodies need great food, not cheap promises and quick fixes. Nutristrength is a great way to help you on your journey to develop your healthy, strong, beautiful body.

Nutristrength launched in April 2016. The launch followed 18-24 months of rigorous product and taste testing to ensure we met consumer needs and wants in a natural protein. The output of this body of work is now coming to fruition resulting in the increasing awareness and popularity of Nutristrength amongst loyal and supportive customers.

In the 10 months following our launch, Nutristrength is now carried in over 35 major UK retail stores including Wholefoods Market, Planet Organic, Harvey Nichols, As Nature Intended and, more recently, select Boots stores up and down the country.

Nutristrength is the sister company of Metabolics, a company that specialises in pure nutritional supplements and has been operating since 1991. Despite being very different companies, they are united by the same ethos of delivering the highest quality products for their customers.

How We Work

With Adam being vegetarian and Chris training hard to reach his fitness goals, both brothers supplemented their diet with protein. Most proteins are cheaply made, filled with sugars, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavours and a range of other ingredients that neither Adam nor Chris wanted as part of their diet. They decided to make a natural protein product of their own that would be great tasting, but free from artificial flavours, sweeteners, sugars and be of the highest quality. They also wanted to maintain a focus on using protein and other functional ingredients to create real, delicious foods that could be a part of a diet to support their healthy, active lifestyles.

Our Products

All Nutristrength products are made here in the UK in our dedicated manufacturing facility in Wiltshire where our independent, external laboratory testing ensures we create products of excellence. 

We have a long-standing relationship with each of our approved suppliers who deliver us the raw materials, which we then process and manufacture here in the UK. We only work with approved suppliers that we trust and meet our strict standards to safeguard the quality of all of our products.

As all Nutristrength products are made with natural flavourings and ingredients, we carefully select the suppliers to deliver these raw ingredients so we can provide the very best products for our customers, including Ecuadorian banana flavoured whey protein isolate, flavoured with real banana powder from Ecuador.

This helps Nutristrength deliver great tasting products in a market space where, previously, people who needed vegan protein and lifestyle supplements were limited. The rigorous testing of new flavours has given Nutristrength a reputation of delivering a great, natural tasting protein that can be easily mixed into everyday food, offering convenience and great taste without compromise.


Our Standards

In addition to the standards we hold with our raw materials, we also have very high standards when it comes to the manufacturing process. A sample is taken from each batch of Nutristrength product to be tested to ensure it meets these standards, whilst samples and tests are also carried out following every product run to ensure the maintained cleanliness of our manufacturing facility. Quality is of the utmost importance to Nutristrength in producing our products, ensuring that all of our products are made under strict GMP quality standards and HACCP food safety measures.


Despite having only been operating since 2016, Nutristrength has already earned lots of awards and accreditations for its high-quality products.

These include: 

Vegetarian Society Approved for a select number of products

Vegan Society Approved for select products

Best New Health & Nutrition Product in the Natural & Organic Awards Europe 2016 for Nutristrength Goat and Sheep Whey Protein

Highly Commended Best New Business at the Gulfood Innovation Awards 2017



Nutristrength products are manufactured under strict guidelines of GMP & HACCP certification, a strict set of requirements that ensure food supplements are constantly manufactured and controlled to a high standard. This demonstrates a manufacturers ability to produce supplements that meet the industry’s high standards of quality and safety. In addition to this, the business utilises the quality management system ISO 9001:2015 to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. We also have ISO 14001:2015, which allows us to measure and improve our environmental impact.

Nutristrength products have SALSA approval ‘Safe & Local Supplier Approval’ (a food safety assurance certification) which is only granted to suppliers who can demonstrate they can produce safe and legal food and are committed to continually meeting the SALSA standard.

About the company

Nutristrength is a limited company registered in England and Wales 8455658. The Nutristrength offices are based out of our manufacturing facility at 5 Eastcott Common, Eastcott, Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 4PL.

Our opening hours are 8:30am until 5:30pm Monday – Friday. You can Nutristrength products at any time online via our online shop.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to get in touch.