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Protein Powders for the summer

Nothing says summer like a colourful bowl of fruits. What are you adding to yours? We'll be using our popular fruity protein powders. Whether you're hitting the beach, heading on hikes, or cycling around the city - protein powder is a great supplement to add to your summer routine. This blog details the benefits of using protein powder during the warmer months.


If you're a vegetarian or find you generally don't hit your daily requirements of protein intake (around 56g a day according to the British Nutrition Foundation).  You can mix Nutristrength's protein powders with almost anything, depending on which flavour you choose. To celebrate the sun, we recommend our Strawberry or Banana protein powders that can be used to make delicious shakes, smoothies, and ice lollies, or if you are in a rush - water will do.

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Whilst it may not tickle everyone's fancy, it is possible to mix protein powder with just water for maximum hydration. As 


After a long day of outdoor activities, your body needs ample time to recover. Protein powder can help to speed up that process by replenishing your amino acids and rebuilding muscle tissue. Replenish the vitamins your body has lost from sweating. Don't miss a day of the sunshine! Get back out there quicker.

Key Takeaway

Overall, protein powder is a great addition to your summer routine. Make sure you choose a high-quality protein powder that fits your nutritional needs and goals. A lot of the cheap fixes on the market may do more harm than good when they're packed full of sugar. Nutristrength's protein powders are free from any artificial sweeteners, colours and flavours - you are always getting the purest protein to fuel your busy body.

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