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What is Pea Protein Isolate?

Pea protein is exactly how it sounds, a protein made from peas. Because it’s plant-based, it’s popular with vegetarians and vegans who can’t have traditional whey protein powders.

Nutristrength Pea Protein is free of dairy and devoid of all the common allergens so it is completely plant-based and Vegan Society approved.

What is vegan pea protein powder made of

We’ve already established that pea protein is a protein made from peas, but we’re often asked how pea protein is made. The process is relatively simple and involves drying and grinding peas into a fine flour. The flour is then mixed with water to remove the fibre and starch, which then leaves the protein, vitamins and minerals in paste form. It is this paste that is then dried and grounded further to produce the pea protein powder we recognise.

Nutristrength Pea Protein is made from Canadian yellow-split peas, not the green ones you might find at the bottom of your garden. It is then mixed with the sunflower lecithin for a better mix and smoother taste.

Pea protein vs whey

There are pros and cons to all types of protein supplements and, at the end of the day, the choice should come down to personal preference and lifestyle. Always make sure you are combing your protein supplement intake with a healthy balanced diet to ensure you are getting the right nutrients and sustenance. pea protein vs whey protein

There are arguments for and against pea protein used to contribute to growth and maintenance in muscle mass but studies have shown that there is no difference to muscle mass between pea protein and whey. Pea Protein contains all nine of the essential amino acids, including branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).

Pea protein also has the added vegan benefit over traditional whey of being completely plant-based and free from animal products.

How much protein is there in pea protein?

One of the first things people generally look for when selecting a protein supplement is the protein content.


Nutristrength products are manufactured under stringent quality accreditations certified to GMP, HACCP, ISO 9001:2015 and SALSA (Safe & Local Supplier Approval) with the raw material tested to ensure it meets the specification requirements of a minimum of 80% protein. This means that there’s 21g to 24g protein per serving of Nutristrength Pea Protein.

Pea protein benefits

Besides the aforementioned benefits of pea protein being vegan-friendly and a great source of amino acids, there are lots of pea protein benefits.

As pea protein is formed typically from a mechanical process, rather than a chemical one, it is able to retain soluble fibre. Pea protein can also help convert fatty acids into energy as peas are high in lysine, the precursor to carnitine, which aids this process.

Because pea protein doesn’t contain any dairy or gluten many people find that it doesn’t cause them to bloat, which can be a side effect of other forms of protein, and it can easier for people who suffer from cow’s milk allergies to digest.

Pea protein recipes

One of the best ways of supplementing your diet with pea protein is adding it to recipes you’d typically make. Because our pea protein comes in powder form it’s easy to stir into porridge, yoghurt, smoothies and other recipe favourites.

From breakfast smoothie pea protein recipes to dinner recipes such as our vegan Mac and Cheese, there’s no reason to change what you eat in order to up your pea protein intake!


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At Nutristrength, our products are based on great food, not cheap fixes, and genuine recipes are a big part of that. We believe that supplements should be exactly that, nutrition that supplements your diet and meals, so by adding pea protein to recipes you’d make every day you can give your body the sustenance it needs.

Follow our recipe boards on Pinterest or download our protein recipe ebook for pea protein recipe ideas.

Where to buy pea protein powder

You can buy the Nutristrength range of pea protein in different sizes and flavours online, via the Nutristrength shop.

All online orders come with free UK delivery and orders can be placed at any time. You can also find us in a select number of UK retailers such as Boots, Harvey Nichols and Wholefoods Markets.

Not sure which flavour of pea protein will be your favourite? We’ve also created the Vegan Taster Box that offers sachets of every Nutristrength pea protein flavour. That includes Pea Protein Unflavoured, Pea Protein Classic Vanilla, Pea Protein Roasted Cocoa and Pea Protein Smooth Coffee.