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Nutristrength @ Body Power

Last weekend the Nutristrength team set off to Birmingham for the Body Power annual event at the NEC.

This was a refreshing experience for us with the launch of our rebrand only a few weeks ago with many commenting on remembering the name but somehow not recognising us! It came to our enjoyment telling people about the exciting changes we've made and all the plans we have for the future.

It was so great to have the team there and also being able to have Nick (Blackwell) out and about since being in hospital after his fight with Chris Eubank Jr; a lot of people were definitely glad to see him making a good recovery. Not to mention having all of our other amazing athletes Mirella Ingamells, Justin St Paul, Marc Waterman, Steve Ball and Kitti Savai with us too.

As always we had amazing treats created by our Nutristrength Chef Szabina and we will be sharing the recipes with you shortly. We had great feedback in regards to our Pea Protein and also samples of our Award-Winning Goat & Sheep Whey Protein went down a treat for those who tried! It was just amazing the responses we received about our packaging, products and also our team.

We've been fortunate to meet some really great people within the business and will continue to bring adventure, exploration and new innovative ways to help us lead healthier, fitter, stronger, active lifestyles. This is only the beginning.