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What protein powder is best for me?

What protein is best for me?

There are so many different types, flavours and styles of protein powder on the market these days. With the popularity of supplementing diet with protein showing no signs of slowing, as more and more “regular” people living active lifestyles look to include protein as part of their diet, it is hard to know what is the right protein for you.

As well as an increase in the use of protein powders, there has also been a rise in the number of alternative or specialist diets. From dairy-free to veganism, people are taking a greater look at their health and the environment to inform their choices about what they’re putting into their bodies. With such a change, there is increasing choice in the type of proteins available.

Here at Nutristrength we make a range of proteins to suit a range of diets and taste. From our lean Whey Protein Isolate, to our Goat and Sheep Protein, suitable for those with an intolerance to cow’s milk, and our vegan-friendly plant-based Pea Protein.

We’ve also undergone a process of rigorous taste-testing with each of protein flavours so there is no comprise between taste and a completely natural ingredient list. So, which do you choose?

We’ve put together this handy flow chart to help make the decision a bit easier.

what protein is best for you

So which protein are you?

Still not sure, which to go for? We offer a selection of taster boxes so you can try our different flavours and protein types before buying any full-size tubs.

Choose from the Nutristrength Range Taster Box, the Whey Protein Taster Box or the Vegan Protein Taster Box, all with free UK delivery, and let us know what you think with #ExploreSomethingNew!

If you’d still like some more information on our different proteins, we’ve created individual guides on each of them so you can learn how they’re made and exactly what goes into them, which is no artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives for a start!

Go to What is Pea Protein, What is Whey Protein Isolate and What is Goat and Sheep Protein for more information.

There is still a huge lack of knowledge and awareness for Goat and Sheep Protein as an option for people who struggle to digest cow’s milk and are lactose intolerant. While Goat and Sheep Whey Protein does include lactose, it has a different casein structure and fat globule size to cow’s milk and cow’s milk based whey protein, this means many people find it easier to digest. Read our article, Why do I struggle to digest protein?, written in conjunction with expert research scientist Rahmat Attaie Ph.D. of Prairie View A&M University, to find out more.