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Raw Vegan Christmas Protein Jam Cookies

Want to make Christmas cookies that your vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian friends can all enjoy this Christmas? Want a recipe that doesn’t involve getting your oven dirty? This recipe has it all! Make our raw vegan Christmas Jam Cookies that look, smell and taste amazing! Made with Pea Protein, they also have that added protein boost making for a great mid-morning snack.


For the cookies:

1 scoop Pea Protein Classic Vanilla

55ml Nutristrength coconut oil, melted

150g almond meal

110g walnuts

½ cup sprouted buckwheat (95g) or 1/2cup gluten-free oats

2 tbsp natural sweetener (erythritol or Natvia)

1 tbsp cinnamon powder

2 tsp allspice mix

2 tsp vanilla powder

2 tsp ginger

50ml water

pinch of salt

For the Fig & Raspberry Jam:

100g raspberries

5-8 soft figs

1 tbsp chia seeds

60ml water


For the jam:

  1. Soak figs, chia seeds and raspberry for 15 minutes in hot water.

  2. Blend the jam ingredients until combined. There will still be some texture and crunch in there from the chia seeds. If using frozen berries leave them to defrost before blending. You may not need to add the hot water, but if the jam isn’t blending add away.

  3. Set aside to thicken.

For the protein Christmas cookies

  1. Mix almond meal, walnuts, natural sweetener, protein powder, buckwheat, salt and spices together.

  2. Blend all the cookie ingredients in a food processor – add coconut oil and water - until well combined. Taste and adjust the spices and sweetness.

  3. Form a ball from the mixture and roll out the dough between two sheets of parchment paper. Using a cookie cutter to cut circles into the dough and then cut from middle using a star shape or any smaller cutter of your choice. We are making a hole so that jam can pop out.

  4. Place in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. This is just to firm up the cookies a little bit.

  5. Take one of your cookie pieces without a hole and place jam in the centre. Then place one of the cookies with a hole on top and press down. Repeat for all cookies.

  6. Store in the fridge in an airtight container. Enjoy!

Notes You can add any jam of your choice. You can prepare your own jam at home. How many shapes a cookie cutter will make depends on the size of the cookie cutter. I got 15 cookies. Don’t they look brilliant?! Share your photos with us and don’t forget to tag us with #ExploreSomethingNew.