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How to be healthy at Christmas

We all love Christmas.

As the most magical time of the year, there’s an abundance of laughing, dancing and, inescapably, food.

But that doesn’t mean you have to feel guilty eating it. There are ways of staying on top of your health and fitness during the festive period and here we have a few tips to help get you started.

1. Make healthy Christmas treats

First things first, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a touch of self-indulgence. Sweet and savoury treats are laid out in excess wherever you turn during the holidays but there are plenty of healthier options you can make so you can indulge without feeling the repercussions.

How about our Protein Mince Pies recipe? With just two tablespoons of coconut sugar instead of refined sugars and 20g of added protein, not only can you be sure there are no unhealthy additives but it’s also a satisfying more natural festive treat.

You can even enjoy the fun of making your own Gingerbread House without feeling like you’ve eaten a mountain of sugar afterwards! Our Vegan Gingerbread recipe is completely plant-based and uses both Pea Protein Roasted Cocoa and Pea Protein Classic Vanilla for double the protein – give it a go for a filling and tasty cookie!

vegan gingerbread house

2. Adjust your Christmas fitness routine

Is your diary now booked up until February? We know the feeling. The festive period is a busy time, you agree to meet up with friends you haven’t seen since, well, last Christmas and every aunt, uncle and santa’s little helper just “must” see you before the big holiday.

That’s why you shouldn’t beat yourself up, let alone expect, to continue your normal fitness regime over the holiday period. It’s difficult to fit in exercise at the best of times but when you’re balancing present buying, tree decorating and town light switch ons, what hope do you have?

So be realistic. Adapt your routine. Instead of scheduling in gym sessions or an hour’s run as you normally would, try to do more little and often. Swap an hour in the pool for maybe three 20-minute morning sessions a week or replace your hour and half gym sessions with mini-workouts every day.

Not only will this make it more manageable to squeeze in exercise alongside your plans but by trying some new fitness techniques you can maintain enthusiasm to keep you going through to the New Year.

3. Get some new fitness gear

Next to the added temptations of chocolate around every holly-decked corner, keeping your fitness motivation while the evenings and mornings are dark, wet and cold can be even more of a challenge.

One of the best ways of mustering up the courage to leave the warmth of your bed in favour of an ice-topped bike seat is to mix up your routine and #ExploreSomethingNew

Trying a new sport, circuit or club are all great ways of keeping going through Christmas but it can even be as simple as trying a new protein flavour or trainers.

Habit can make exercise easier but trying something new keeps you excited and motivated to push on.

4. Download a new playlist

Similarly, downloading a new playlist can do wonders for your motivation, whatever you sport of choice is. Whether you’re a morning runner in need of some new dance anthems or a weightlifting wonderer looking for a new drum and base mix, there’s a reason more people would rather forgo fitness than train without their headphones.

5. Remember your mental health

One of the most important things to do to ensure you have a healthy Christmas is to look after your mental state not just the physical.

Christmas, while fun and indulgent, can be stressful but it’s important to not let any of the pressures of this festive time get to you. Talk to those that are close to you when you’re feeling overwhelmed and be sure, no matter how busy that diary is getting, that you set aside some time for you.

6. Drink more water

With mulled wine simmering in kitchens up and down the country it can be easy to forget you haven’t drunk enough water when your glass seems to be consistently “full”.

Try a new protein shaker as a way of reminding yourself to drink more. Don’t let your bottle become so ingrained in your everyday routine that you forget it’s there – keep it with you and make sure you swap out the odd sip of red with one of water.


drink more water

7. Start your New Year’s Resolutions early

The best way to keep healthy this Christmas? Start those New Year’s goals early! It doesn’t need to be something big, as you should be realistic about what you can achieve, but even something as small as taking in homecooked lunches to work can help keep you healthy and give you that smug Instagram profile before January has even begun.

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