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Best of British: Vegan Beauty Brands

The vegan lifestyle is a topic that is rarely out of the media at the moment. Whether it’s celebrating or questioning, it’s safe to say that the animal-free way of life captures the interest, if nothing else, of the masses.

But it’s not just the media that’s picking up on vegan living. It’s becoming more and more popular for people to give up animal-derived products both in their diets and other areas of their life such as clothing, accessories and beauty regime.

There are some 3.5 million Britons now living the vegan lifestyle and while many start with diet first, weaning out meat, then dairy and honey, there’s an increasing number of people thinking about the environmental impact of animal-derived ingredients in their beauty products too.

Vegan beauty brands and vegan beauty lines from some of the top beauty names have crept up over the years, ready to cater for the cruelty-free make-up demand. But what if you want to support local and British-made?

Whether you’re vegan or simply have a growing concern over your buying behaviour and its impact on the environment, there are a number of British vegan beauty brands we’d recommend you try. Here we round-up our favourites.

Vegan beauty subscription boxes

There are so many beauty subscription boxes to choose from, with a quick search returning 289,000,000 results, but what about the choice out there for vegans?

The Vegan Kind has been quick to pick up on the demand for a subscription box that comes without the reliance on animals. Founded by husband and wife duo Scott and Karris, based in Glasgow, The Vegan Kind Beauty Box is a bi-monthly subscription service that costs £15 a box plus postage.

The value of the contents of the box is always more than £40 and the team works hard to ensure the very latest in vegan beauty is included so you can try out the latest products.

What’s more, there’s no contract. You can subscribe for as long as you like.

Vegan make-up brushes

Even if you haven’t heard of Spectrum Collections (however unlikely!) you’d struggle not recognise their bright and beautiful range of vegan-friendly make-up brushes.

spectrum vegan make-up brushes

Priding themselves on being Vegan Society and PETA registered, they’re the British, cruelty-free make-up brush and accessories brand that’s adding more colour and fun to the nation’s dressing tables.

With ever-expanding collections, including the new Disney Ariel and Minnie Mouse ranges, there’s no compromise on beautiful designs for being animal-friendly.

Vegan make-up

All the glitters is vegan

How about some make-up for that instagrammable brush set?

All that glitters is vegan with Surrey-based glitter make-up brand GlitterEyes. No festival look would be complete without a touch of sparkle but just as festivals are pledging to reduce their waste and impact on the environment so too are our beauty brands.

Many people wouldn’t even think about the impact of glitter make-up on animals and the environment but GlitterEyes stands apart from the crowd. They offer a whole range of make-up, including eyeshadow, highlighters, loose glitter and more but without the use of bovine-derived glycerine. Instead, GlitterEyes uses a vegetable glycerine and founder Carrie told us that they are also in the process of converting all of their glitters into completely biodegradable products by the end of next year. All that from a British brand too!

Cosmetics with ethics

With the strapline “cosmetics with ethics”, Barefaced Beauty is a cosmetics company that lives by its ethos. All of its products, which are many, including mineral foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick and make-up kits, are vegan-friendly and certified by Cruelty Free International, PETA and The Vegan Society.

Based in Bedfordshire, they’re also a British company that produces beauty products without the environmental impact of having animal-derived ingredients. barefaced beauty vegan foundation  

Vegan skincare

Shower power

Priding themselves on offering “honest, vegan skincare” Cardiff-based Miss Patisserie, is the vegan skincare brand that cares about its customers as much as it does the environment by using only the highest quality natural ingredients. They show that you don’t need to use artificial or animal-derived ingredients to make an Instagram-worthy bubble bath.

Offering a range of giftboxes as well, they make the perfect presents for your environment-conscious friends.  

Miss Patisserie vegan bath bombs

Creams, lotions and potions

Another natural beauty, Hertfordshire-based Evolve Beauty offers a range of skincare and haircare products that are 100% vegan.

Working under the philosophy that natural ingredients can be just as effective as artificial ones, when produced correctly, Evolve makes small batches of skincare by hand. This means each and every one of their fully recyclable pots is handcrafted and made to their very high standards.   evolve beauty vegan cleansing melt

Choose from a range of creams, cleansers, serums, toners, lotions, balms and oils, including their bestselling Radiant Glow Mask, Hyaluronic Serum and Cleansing Melt.

I’ll take one of everything

It may come as no surprise that Lush has made our list of British Vegan Beauty Brands. With 1047 Vegan Society registered products, Lush is making huge strides in its environmentally-friendly packaging as well.

The Poole-based brand recently launched its Naked Shop in Berlin, only the second of its kind. Not quite how it sounds, this new shopping concept saw the brand launch shops with zero packaging. At all. Instead, customers can pick up and purchase the “naked” products they want and use regenerative containers and Knot Wraps to take their products home with them. They can also use a new app, Lush Lens, when they want to find out the ingredients in their products through AI product recognition.

lush naked beauty shop

Keeping face

PETA-approved, Vegan Trademark-approved and Naturewatch-endorsed White Rabbit Skincare is the Scottish skincare provider out to make a difference. Their range of skincare products are free from animal-derived ingredients, parabens, SLS, silicones, mineral oils, artificial fragrances, artificial colours, or ingredients containing EDTA or phthalates.

The White Rabbit range includes lip balms, toners, cleansers and even a beard oil!

white rabbit vegan Cleansing water  

Naturally Vegan

The clear theme that ties all of our favourite British Vegan Beauty Brands together, aside from being vegan-friendly, is the commitment to being as natural as possible. This stems from the public wanting greater clarity over what goes into their products and is more widespread than veganism.

Everyone deserves to know what’s going into their food, beauty products and anything they buy.

We pride ourselves on having the simplest ingredients lists possible in all of our protein powders, adding no artificial flavours, sweeteners or sugars.

Our vegan pea protein range includes smooth coffee, classic vanilla, roasted cocoa and unflavoured and is popular for its taste as a result of our rigorous taste-testing. Just as these British Vegan Beauty Brands are showing that vegan ingredients doesn’t have to mean substandard products, why should vegans have bad tasting protein?

Try it now with the Vegan Protein Taster Box.