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Glass Shaker - Small

- Small, convenient design

- Wireball for smooth mixing

- Choice of lid colour

- Perfect for mixing your favourite protein or serving up overnight oats.

Glass Water Bottle

Our brand new mini Glass Shaker contains up to 450ml of your favourite protein shake or flavour of Overnight Oats.

Ditch your old stained plastic water bottle and go for glass!


- 450ml

- Handy carry loop

- Subtle etched design

- Choice of lid

Looking for something a bit bigger? Our new glass shaker also comes in 570ml, see Glass Shaker Large.

TROUBLESHOOT: The rubber seals in the lid of our shakers are designed to be a tight fit to ensure none of your delicious shake leaks or spills. It is removable so that it can be thoroughly cleaned. It is normal for it to be difficult to reinsert in the lid as it may shrink once dried and in cooler conditions.

If you struggle to insert the rubber seal, place it in a glass of warm to hot water for a minute; it will then be more pliable and should be able to refit snuggly.

Overnight Oats

The size of our mini Glass Shaker makes it perfect for your morning Overnight Oats. Either purchase our ready pack in Super Berry flavour or try our recipe with your choice of protein.



We have been working hard behind the scenes to improve the recipe of our much-loved whey protein isolate cocoa. With the new launch, we are introducing new home compostable packaging.

Nutristrength has always strived for sustainability. Since the launch of the brand, we have bought all of our energy from wind farms and recycle as much plastic as possible, which is then turned into other things such as children’s parks. Our compostable pouches are the next step in reaching our goal of doing better for our customers and the planet.

The benefits of our new pouches include:

-          A reduction in greenhouse gases

-          Reduction of waste

-          Nutrient-rich compost is made as a result of your waste

Many brands promote the fact that they have compostable packaging but are often misleading as many compostable packaging options are only suitable for industrial composting facilities and would not decompose in a traditional home setting. We have always strived for transparency at Nutristrength has always believed passionately in true sustainability. Our new pouches are made from home compostable triplex laminate paper with a biodegradable zipper for a fully home compostable solution that decomposes in optimum conditions within 6 months.

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