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Strawberry Berry Smoothie

Hey there! We have another delicious smoothie recipe for you, it's pretty simple and will make anyone a kitchen hero. No experience required! This is a no-nonsense type of beverage which is great for kids who are burning energy playing out in this summer sun and also great whilst you're getting dinner prepared.

Preparation is easy and straight forward you may even want to get the children involved. Keep them away from the blender though.


1 Cup of Fresh Strawberries

150 ml Almond/Hazelnut milk (you may need more)

1 Fresh mint leaf

Handful of frozen Strawberries (for use instead of ice)

1 scoop Unflavoured Whey Protein Isolate


  1. Depending on how thick you enjoy your smoothies this recipe can be adjusted. For just the right thickness follow this recipe and adjust along the way if you wish for a different consistency.

  2. You will need a good quality blender that can blend ice or in this case frozen strawberries. Add the liquid ingredient first and then add each ingredient at a time, making sure to blend thoroughly at each stage.

For an added twist: crush Frozen Strawberries and dust over and add a mint leaf before serving. *You can also use freeze dried strawberry powder to dust over.